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Timesavers Your Mom Never Showed You

Cooking can be a lot of work, and when you’ve got five or six different dishes simmering at different stages and another in the oven any you’re going to appreciate any spare second you can save. Here’s a list of unorthodox tips and tricks that will save you time and let you get each dish just right. Buckle up, these aren’t your mom’s life hacks:

Use a cheese grater for butter

Butter is a mess. We’ve all tried to get the exact of softness in the microwave and ended up with a shard of ice or a puddle instead. Try using a cheese grater on a block of fridge frozen butter to get thin curls for potatoes, vegetables, and rice. You’ll be able to portion a lot better and save yourself the effort of hacking away at a frozen block.

Broken shells

Every bowl full of cracked eggs is plagued by the same nemesis: that tiny bit of shell you spend ten minutes trying to fish out with your fingertip. Next time this happens, try using half the eggshell you just broke to scoop it out. The egg shell will bind together and stick and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

Flat drinks

You’re ready to dish everything up and get your dinner started but wait, your drinks have gone flat! Shoot, looks like you left them open while you were working on everything else and forgot. Not to worry though, drop a couple raisins in the bottom and the natural sugars will have it bubbling and crisp again without affecting the flavor.

Store your pasta

You can prep pasta in advance, way in advance in fact. Sealing cooked pasta in a plastic bag and refrigerating it will keep it good for a few days, and popping it in a pot of boiling water two to three minutes before serving will have it just as fresh and one less thing you have to worry about keeping an eye on.

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